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How it works

Venture with Impact designs team retreats and employee benefit programs for your employees to live and work abroad. We organize accommodation with reliable internet, tailored skills-based volunteer projects, and cultural immersion trips. We enable professionals to efficiently work remotely for your company and make a social impact at the same time, within the structure of a program fully executed by our in-country teams. 

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Benefits of a corporate 'workation' or social impact retreat for your employees:

  • Flexible Work: 89% of companies report better retention simply by offering flexible work options. We enable professionals to efficiently work remotely, within the structure of a program fully executed by our in-country teams, that includes workspace, accommodation and cultural immersion.
  • Professional Development: Over 90% of professionals agree that volunteering improves employees’ broader professional and improve leadership skill sets.  We match each individual with a carefully sourced skills-based volunteer opportunity with one of our impact organization partners abroad.

  • Social Responsibility: 80% of professionals prefer to work for a socially responsible company.  VWI's formula allows you to make an impact at excellent return on social investment. Employees use their unique skills to make a sustainable impact.

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Flexibility and Impact

After engaging professionals on over 60 impact projects across three continents, we have tailored our program to the needs of companies, creating Venture with Impact for Business. Our agile team of experts can accommodate the requests and needs of employees and teams and can offer a level of customized support that ensures a one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-lifetime impact trip. 

Read the Case Study of a Corporate Counsel at American Express: 

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The best part of the program was that I had the opportunity to work full-time for my job back home while traveling and giving back. My schedule for my partner project was customized to work around my work schedule.

Kamina Anderson Business Analyst, Future Value Consulting


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